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Tire Tread

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UPDATED!! Discounts apply to quantities selected, $15 off per 20 panels, $30 off per 60 panels. Free Freight On All Orders Of 31 panels or more 50% Off Freight On All Orders of 21-30 panels 25% Off Freight On All Orders of 11-20 panels
Groove Insert Option
Plank/Panel Option
Panel Layout
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  • 2'H by 8'W horizontal configuration
  • 6" on center slats
  • Can hold up to 90 lbs. (6" from the wall, at the screw)
  • Comes with heavy duty aluminum inserts
  • Made in America with solid MDF
  • Class C Fire Rated


Aluminum insert finish
- Paint matched aluminum inserts (most common)
- Unfinished Aluminum insert (silver)

Panel Size
- Full size 2'H x 8' Panel (most common)
Panels to be cut in half into two 2'H x 4'W panel

- Standard 2'H x 8' Panel (most common)
- Individual 6"H x 8' long planks to be stacked and offset 

Slatwall/Wall Panel
- We offer the slatwall in wall panels without slats as well, for those areas that you do not intend to merchandise but would like to stay consistent with the look and feel of the textured walls

Amazing porcelain finish to make the textured slatwall really stand out like the real iconic subway tiles in New York

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